How to Write Neighborhood Profiles

How to Write a Neighborhood Real Estate Profile

Looking for a great way to showcase your local market while simultaneously driving traffic to your real estate website? Neighborhood profile pages are the Ace up your sleeve. Why Write Neighborhood Profiles? Neighborhood profile pages are an excellent lead generator that will build your credibility and reveal you as a market leader who truly … [Read more...]

What is Duplicate Content? And why is it so bad for my real estate website?

Duplicate Content Bad for SEO

If you're just remotely familiar with the term, you know it's not a good thing. If you've never heard this term before now, it's possible that you currently have some duplicate content on your website. Duplicate Content - Bad for Your Pocket Book Imagine that you've been working late into the evening putting the finishing touches on your new … [Read more...]

Your New Real Estate Website is Live. What’s Next?

Your Real Estate Site is Live

So the day has finally arrived: your very own real estate site is now live on the web. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, you've got the sleekest, best-looking site in your market. Now all you have to do is to figure out how your clients are going to find it among the 1 billion+ sites on the world wide web. Piece of cake, right? Actually, the task of … [Read more...]