Managing Your Registered Users

This section will allow you to see a brief overview of everyone who has signed up with your site and what they are using it for. Saving searches, saving listings to their favorites portfolio, signing up for Email Notifications, etc.

Review this list daily (ideally) or as often as possible to verify that visitors are signing up for Email Notifications. This is the one feature that keeps your name in front of your clients – helping to reinforce your name and branding. Although our system will automatically send them a confirmation email, thanking them for signing up, you may want to send them a personal message to let them know you are here to help.

If the Notifications column indicates “No”…you may want to try and contact the visitor and remind them this is the best way to stay informed of new listings as they become available. You should offer to do this for them. For more details and other tips be sure to check out our training video.

Video Tutorial