Featured Listings Carousel (v1.0)

How to Manage: Featured Listings Carousel
To add a new Listing, you will need to simply create a new Post for each listing and add its necessary details as outlined below. Once you have done this a couple times it will only take about 5 minutes or less for each listing.

Add a New Listing

  1. Create a Gallery for the Listings images
    1. Go to Gallery > Add Gallery / Images
    2. Enter a name for your Gallery (we recommend the property address – ex: 7648 Mission Street) and click Add gallery
    3. Click Upload Images > Click the Browse button. This will open a window on your computer to find the images you wish to upload. Select all the images you wish to upload and click Open
    4. Choose the Gallery you wish to upload the images to in the drop down select list.
    5. Click Upload Images. Depending on how many images and their size, this could take a couple minutes. You should receive a confirmation message at the top of the page when done letting you know how many images were successfully uploaded.
  2. Go to Posts > Add New
  3. Enter the Title of the Post (We recommend the property address, city – ex: 7648 Mission Street, San Francisco)
  4. Add the Main Image you wish to represent the property at the top of the post editor.
    1. Click your mouse in the top of the editor window
    2. Click the Add NextGEN Gallery icon in your tool bar above the editor
    3. Select the picture you wish to display (you can change it later if you aren’t sure)
    4. Change the Width to 585 (unless otherwise instructed)
    5. Delete the Height (leave it blank, it will be adjusted automatically)
    6. Click Insert (ignore Effect and Float)
  5. Place your mouse after the snippet of code entered > Hit Enter on your keyboard for a new paragraph and then add your property description.
  6. After the property description, insert the full image gallery by clicking the Add NextGEN Gallery icon in your tool bar above the editor. Choose the image gallery you wish to add and simply click the insert button.
  7. Under Custom Fields, you should see a section titled Add new custom field. Here you will add the properties basic details.
    1. Add a value for each Name starting with “pd_” (for property details). For example choose in the drop down “pd_address” and enter the properties address for the Value “7648 Mission Street” and click the “Add Custom Field”
    2. For pd_thumbnail, just enter the id number of the image you added to the top of your post in Step 4 above. You will see some code that looks similar to this (singlepic id=17 w=585 h=0 float=). Just enter the id number for pd_thumbnail. In this example it would be 17.
  8. Click the Category checkbox (located on the right): Featured Listings
  9. Click the Publish button and you are done.

Default Fields

Video Tutorial