Featured Listings Carousel (v2.0)

How to Manage: Featured Listings Carousel (v2.0)
To add a new Listing, you will need to simply create a new Post for each listing and add its necessary details as outlined below. Once you have done this a couple times it will only take about 5 minutes or less for each listing.

Add a New Listing

  1. Create a Gallery for the Listings images (Need help? How to Create a Gallery of Images using NextGen)
  2. Go to Posts > Add New
  3. Enter the Title of the Post (We recommend the property address, city – ex: 7648 Mission Street, San Francisco)
  4. Add the Main Image you wish to represent the property at the top of the post editor.
    1. Click your mouse in the top of the editor window
    2. Click the Add Media icon in your tool bar above the editor –
    3. Select NextGEN Gallery
    4. Choose the Gallery that has you image in it from the drop down select box and click Select
    5. Find the image you wish to insert > Click the Show link > change Size to Singlepic > click Insert into Post
    6. A code similar to this will be inserted {singlepic id=1 w=320 h=240 float=none}. Change the width (w) to 585 (unless otherwise instructed) and the Height (h) to zero.
  5. Click your mouse just after the snippet of code entered > hit Enter on your keyboard for a new paragraph and then add your property description.
  6. After the property description, insert the full image gallery by clicking the Add NextGEN Gallery icon in your tool bar above the editor Add NextGEN Gallery. Choose the image gallery you wish to add and simply click the insert button.
  7. Under the content area, you should see a section titled “Featured Listings Information”. Here you will add the properties basic details.
    1. Fill out the form, starting with address, city, state, zip, bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet and price.
    2. Add the thumbnail ID. You can easily find the thumbnail ID by simply looking to the top of your post where you entered your single image. You should see some code there similar to {singlepic id=1 w=585 h=0 float=none}. The thumbnail ID is whatever the value is for singlepic id. In this example, you would want to enter in 1 as your thumbnail id.
  8. Click the Category checkbox (located on the right): Featured Listings
  9. Click the Publish button and you are done.

Video Tutorial