How to link to a PDF document

I got a question today about how to insert a link to a PDF document into a WordPress post.

It’s pretty simple, so here are the steps:

1. Login to your WordPress Website Administrator. Look for the ‘admin’ link at the bottom of any page on your website.

2. Click on “Posts” and either choose “Add New” or click the name of the post depending on whether you are simply adding the PDF to an existing post or if it is to go into a new one. Choose the post you would like to add the PDF to (if you are not creating a new post).

3. Give the article a title. Click inside the post area where you usually add text.

4. Click the add media button. This is located just beneath the title at the top of the page / post next to “Upload / Insert”.

5. A new window opens. Click the ‘choose files to upload’ button and navigate to the PDF you would like to insert.

6. Enter in the information for the PDF. The title is the text that will link to the PDF. Enter in the title, caption and description for the PDF. Make sure in the field for the Link URL “File URL” is clicked. Click ‘insert to post’ button.

7. You will now see the link to your PDF in the post.

8. Save and publish your post/page!

Don’t forget that the upload time depends greatly on the PDF file size and your connection speed. Be patient!